Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Dave Bulen

A little over a year ago, I decided to change my life insurance, and therefore, I had to undergo a physical. My prostate examine revealed that my PSA was way too high. I had several suspicious nodules, so the physician recommended a biopsy. Sure enough, the biopsy showed that one of the nodules was indeed cancerous. Since my father and brother both suffered from prostate cancer, my diagnosis did not come as a complete shock to me, but of course, no cancer diagnosis is ever easy to hear.

I immediately began doing as much research as I could to figure out where I could receive the best cancer treatment and which type of treatment would be most effective. I decided on Vantage Oncology's Wildomar Radiation Therapy Center because if was close to home and highly recommended by former patients.

The staff was extremely helpful, caring and compassionate. My radiation oncologist, Dr. Jim Mason, recommended Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), an extremely advanced technology that improves dose conformity while significantly shortening treatment times. The staff even connected me with several patients who they had treated before with the same type of therapy which gave me the chance to ask them questions and share my concerns. This was a huge comfort to me as I was going through a very scary period during my life. Today, I am happy to do the same for other patients that are about to begin the same type of treatment because I know how helpful it was to me.

After 43 treatments, I was able to discontinue my treatments in January 2010 and have been healthy ever since. My PSA is back down to normal, and I happy to report that I am still as busy as ever at 66 years old working as an insurance broker and spending time with my wife of over 40 years and my two grown children who live close by.

I am extremely thankful for the wonderful care that was provided to me by the entire staff at Wildomar Radiation Therapy Center!

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