Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Lloyd Cooper

After my diagnosis in 2005, I immediately started doing as much research as possible to determine what type of treatment would be best for me. My first method of treatment was a round of hormone therapy injections.

A few months later, I started radiation therapy. Before choosing a facility and physician, I checked out all my options and decided on Dr. Rao and the staff at Ocala Community Cancer Center. I could not be happier with my decision. I completed 44 image guided radiation therapy treatments. Since completing those treatments in August of 2006, I have been cancer free and now only require annual follow ups.

I was extremely impressed by the physicians and staff at Ocala Community Cancer Center. Beginning with the initial consultation, every aspect of the treatment process the planning, the actual treatment and the follow-up was accomplished in a very professional manner. I was most favorably impressed with the care and concern expressed by Dr. Rao and the staff during the entire process. Without a doubt, this approach tends to alleviate the apprehension of a newly diagnosed cancer patient undergoing radiation therapy. With the execution of such a comprehensive game plan, the patient's psyche is engendered with a most positive attitude which contributes to a successful treatment.

As a retired pharmacist, I came prepared for each treatment with a list of questions. It was, and still is, important to me to be my own patient advocate and be as involved as possible in my treatment process. Dr. Rao always took the time to sit down with me and discuss any worries or concerns I had or answer any questions. The entire staff provided outstanding support that my family and I needed during this difficult period.

Another major benefit for me was the convenience of being able to receive state-of-the-art, first-class care right around the corner from my home, especially since my treatment schedule required me to come in every weekday, other than holidays.

During the course of my treatment process, I realized that there are six important components that are essential to a successful outcome when faced with something as serious and scary as a cancer diagnosis: 1) Attitude or positive thinking; 2) Communication; 3) Knowledge; 4) Nutrition; 5) Exercise; 6) Spirituality. The physicians and staff at Ocala Community Cancer Center encouraged this belief and supported me during the difficult times.

I am seventy-five years old now and feeling happy and blessed to be healthy again so I can spend time with my family and do the things I enjoy.

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