Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Marilyn Davidson

Cancer with the big "C" is the most dreaded word. Many of us hope and pray that we may never have anything to do with it, until of course, it hits closer to home and then we ask 'Why me'? Instead of arming ourselves with the knowledge and making the best of what we are dealt.

My husband and I have both suffered from cancer. As a retired nurse, I would have imagined that I knew enough to give advice to others, but as a patient, the experience is very different. I was diagnosed with a breast lump, which turned out to be cancerous. First the mammogram, followed by an ultrasound scan and then the biopsy only confirmed my worst fears. I went through the lumpectomy in preference to mastectomy or total removal of the breast; the lymph nodes under my arm were all negative.

At this point, I felt I deserved to hear some good news. I was sent to see Dr. Jay Rao, M.D. to receive radiation. I was frightened at first, but soon felt relaxed and settled comfortably to listen to "everything you need to know regarding breast cancer". It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience, and in my thirty years as a nurse, I have never encountered anyone so thorough, gentle and compassionate, as the two doctors, Dr. Rao and his associate, Dr. Sandrapaty. My husband and I decided to proceed with radiation and completed the same with utmost ease. The teamwork was excellent and that is important in gaining the patients' confidence and ultimately in curing the disease.

My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer soon after I completed my own treatments. We did not have to look far or debate on the best course of action, regardless of what the urologist had to say. Radiation and surgery have the same survival results. We chose radiation and have no regrets. Once again, we were so impressed with the simple yet comprehensive explanation on prostate cancer and the treatment options available (IMRT and HDR).

We are blessed to live in a small town and still receive 'State-of-the-Art' treatment, in addition to having caring doctors and staff who have the patient's interest and well being foremost in their heart. They have won us over and we are happy with our decision and outcome.

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