Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Peggy Husosky

I was diagnosed with lung cancer almost 14 years ago. I went to see my internist for my annual physical, and the lung x-ray showed that I had three nodules in one of my lungs. The news was devastating, as it would be to anyone. I had a trip coming up to Alaska with my husband and two children that we had been planning for months. The doctor told me to go ahead and go on my trip but come back immediately when I returned for the biopsy.

When I got back, it was confirmed. I had Stage 3 lung cancer. My physician's plan was to try to get rid of two of the nodules with chemotherapy and radiation therapy and surgically remove part of my lung to remove the third.

I started chemotherapy first. However, after a couple of months, I started developing neuropathy and my doctor decided it was best to end my treatment and begin radiation.

I received 32 radiation treatments at Cancer Care Centers of Brevard from Dr. Charles. Within six months, I was officially in remission. I cannot express the gratitude that I have to Dr. Charles and the staff at the facility. The quality of care that I received from everyone could not have been better, and it was so nice to receive first-class care so close to home. They all became my extended family, and I will be forever grateful.

I have been cancer free for 13 years and still go back to visit my friends at Cancer Care Centers of Brevard and participate in their cancer support groups!

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