Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Clark Mayer

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, I immediately began to educate myself about cancer and determine the options that were available to me. The surgeon who performed the biopsy counseled me and, in his opinion, the best treatment was surgical removal of my prostate.

My fiancée had been treated for breast cancer with excellent results, and recommended that I discuss treatment options with the doctor who had treated her, Dr. Jayanth "Jay" Rao, which I did. I had many questions and Dr. Rao very patiently explained in a clear and easy to understand way the options available to me, and the advantages/disadvantages of each. There were five options. When I left after the initial meeting with Dr. Rao, I noted that we had spent two and a half hours together! Something very rare to experience with one of today's busy doctors! Dr. Rao also gave me a lot of additional information about prostate cancer, which included reports and medical papers, written by others and his own, which reported the effectiveness of various treatments, survivability, complications, undesirable effects, etc.

After much thought and careful study, I made the decision to have my cancer treated by Dr. Rao and his staff using Brachytherapy. It was refreshing to receive these daily treatments without the long wait usual to a doctor's office nowadays. The technician who provided the daily treatment was always cheerful and pleasant, and the treatments were given at the time scheduled. There was no pain associated with the treatments, and they took only 15-20 minutes to accomplish.

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment is never easy in any circumstance, but it was of significant benefit to Mr. Mayer to be able to receive treatment in a supportive, community-based setting. Dr. Rao's facility provided him with high-quality, state-of-the-art care close to home.

It has now been three years since the conclusion of Mr. Mayer's successful treatment. He wishes to thank Dr. Rao and all the members of his staff for their encouragement and support during his treatment and follow up care.

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