Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Wilford Stannard

In May of 2010, after I had moved to Nevada, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My PSA levels had gone from a 3 to over 6, and my urologist suggested a biopsy. The results showed that I had a fairly advanced stage of cancer. After careful consideration and many hours of research on surgery, IMRT and conformal radiation, as well as interviews with Dr. Brian Ronson, the radiation oncologist recommended to me by my urologist, I decided that radiation was my best option and scheduled a consultation.

I could not be happier with my decision. My wife and I packed up the RV and traveled 280 miles to Temecula, CA for my treatment. My 43 radiation treatments required daily visits to the cancer center, so we stayed at a local RV campground that was conveniently located near the facility. I was extremely impressed by the knowledgeable physicians and staff. I had two consultations with Dr. Ronson prior to my treatment, during which he gave me plenty of time to go through all of my questions and concerns about starting treatment. He and his staff offered a great deal of support to my family and me while we were going through such a difficult time. I was also confident that I was being treated with the latest and greatest in terms of radiation therapy technologies.

I am happy to say that on November 4th, I completed my radiation treatments, and I am feeling good. In six weeks, I will return to Redhawk Radiation Therapy Center for my first follow-up visit.

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